The Wine Cellar at Sutton Station
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The Wine Cellar at Sutton Station
An Exclusive So African Wine Dinner Paired with Rickety Bridge So African Wines

Seating is limited. $60.00/person. Includes Tax and Gratuity
Reservations are necessary! All reservations should be made with The Wine Cellar. Cancel Policy: 48 hrs. prior to event.

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Join us for a curated selection of wines from Rickety Bridge Winery, in the private Banquet Hall at Hope Valley Diner paired with Chef Brian’s Menu and Pastry Chef Arielle's dessert. Our guest is Andy Woolgar, from Rickety Bridge Winery USA will present the wines. For directions, click the link for Hope Valley Diner.

Dinner & Rickety Bridge Wine Pairing: Saturday, April, 7

Gather for a cocktail ahead of time if you wish (bar drinks are not included in the dinner price) and the program will begin at 6:00 PM

The Menu:

Butter Beans, Zucchini, Feta Cheese, Bibb Lettuce & Frisee with a White Balsamic Mint Vinaigrette
Rickety Bridge Chenin Blanc

Duo of Soups: Curry Corn Chowder and Tomato Cream
Rickety Bridge Merlot

Entree (you must choose one)
Seared Coho Salmon – Peri-Peri Sauce, Mieliepap
Deconstructed Lamb Bobotie – Sugar-Cane Skewer, Golden Raisin Tumeric Rice Egg Custard
Rickety Bridge Chardonnay
Rickety Bridge Pinotage

Malva Pudding, Apricot Cream Custard, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Rickety Bridge Shiraz

All wines enjoyed during the Presentation can be preordered at special prices that night to be picked up the following week at The Wine Cellar.

Make reservations
Saturday, April 7. The program begins at 6:00pm.
See you for dinner!
Danny, Patrick & Doreen
Store Phone: 919-806-3111
Store Hours: 11 AM - 8 PM, Mon-Sat / 1 - 5 PM, Sun

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